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Websites for Gyms and Personal Trainers

We recently launched a brand new package that includes a custom website and Facebook page for your Gym or Personal Training business. We have a number of website templates to choose from and each website can be fully customised with your own logo, images, colours and personal branding.

The websites are all designed with key marketing features to ensure your website not only looks good, but also generates results! Each website comes with an optin form to capture prospect details, slideshow image galleries for visual impact, blogs to add value and contents, testimonials for credibility and full social media integration.

There is no point having a website if it just sits there with zero traffic. We have a range of powerful marketing strategies to ensure your website generates a constant flow of leads for your business.

Watch the short 3 minute video for an overview of our brand new packages:

Referral Marketing, the cheapest and the best!

Referral marketing for gyms is the best way to increase your membership and it’s also the cheapest way as well. The thing is though, it’s often uncomfortable asking a new member for their friends name and phone number, in fact it’s a little bit awkward for everyone. It’s also not a very qualified lead and no one ever likes cold calling.

Rarely a new member will want to give over their friends details and then have the gym or PT calling their friend, especially if they mention their name. What if there could be a way where you could get referrals without the uncomfortable part of asking for name and phone numbers of their friend. That would be pretty cool right?

What’s more, how cool would it be if you could in fact create a win/win outcome, have the new member refer a ton of their friends easily and quickly and have their friend qualify themselves for you? Well, that’s pretty much what we create at Marketing for gyms and PT’s and we create it all within Facebook, the biggest social network on the internet.



Watch this video as I walk you through how you could increase your referrals quickly and easily if you had this set up for your gym or PT business

The Definition of Insanity

Albert Einstein is famously quoted as saying ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result’

Many of our Personal Training and Health Club clients come to us saying they are really struggling to generate leads for their business.


The first question we ask them is what strategies are they currently using?

The answer is usually the same:

– Letter Box Drops, Newspaper Ads, Banners and Flyers

We then ask how successful these strategies are for creating new members?

The answer is usually the same … not very!

Why is it then that the majority of Personal Trainers and Health Clubs choose to continue using the same old strategies that are not producing results?

We believe the answer comes down to a lack of time and a lack of education.

It is much easier to do the same things and repeat the same promotions. It takes more effort to step outside the comfort zone and try something different. That is where we come in!

We have more than 10 years experience in the Health & Fitness Industry and more than 5 years experience in Social Media marketing strategies that actually produce results. If you don’t have a Social Media marketing plan for your Health Club or Personal Training business then you are being left behind. Times have changed and you really need to jump on board and remain up to date with the latest, cutting edge strategies.

Book in for a Free Consultation with us today and we will discuss a specific marketing plan for your business. We take out all of the hard work and stress and implement a powerful system for your business that actually produces results!

We look forward to connecting with you soon and assisting you to take your business to the next level!


Brad and Sean

Fitness Marketing Old School vs New Age

Fitness marketing for gyms and personal trainers can be a costly exercise if they are not producing results. In this post I want to cover the Old School marketing strategies Vs. the New Age marketing strategies for gyms and personal trainers.





In this video I cover both old and new methods and how not moving with the times could cost you big time.

Facebook Check In Strategy for Gyms and Personal Trainers

Facebook Check Ins can be used as a powerful strategy to generate more traffic and leads for your gym or personal training business.

When members check in at your facility it shows up on the Facebook News Feed for all of their friends to see. This is like a free ad that drives traffic back to your Facebook page! Increasing exposure is a key focus when building a business and this is a powerful strategy to ensure your gym or personal training business is seen by more people!

Watch the video below to learn more about this Facebook strategy and start implementing it today!

Gym Advertising and Personal Training Marketing Using Video

Video is one of the most powerful ways for you to help with Gym Advertising and Personal Training Marketing. The key is understanding how best to use video as part of your marketing plan. In Fitness, advertising and marketing yourself professionally is the key to being seen as a leader in your field. Video helps you do that by giving you great exposure. There are a few key ways in which video can help with gym advertising and personal training marketing. It needs to become a regular part of your fitness advertising structure. With the help of social media with sites like Facebook and Youtube you can now get exposure to thousands of people by utilizing this great tool. Below I have listed a number of ways you can use video to help with your Gym Advertising and Personal Training marketing:

* Client Testimonials – If you are looking to provide social proof that your gym or pt business is simply amazing, who better to tell the world than your happy clients. The best time to ask for a testimonial is straight after a PT session, Group Fitness class, bootcamp or after a client as reached a weightloss or fitness goal. You can do a single person testimonial or a group of people together talking about how great you are!

* Joint Venture Interviews – These are short little video interviews you can do with your clients. In your video you should ask them about their results and what they like about your gym or PT business. You can pre determine an offer for their business that they offer your clients of your health club or PT business. You can do this both ways and offer their clients a discount for mentioning they are a customer of your gym client. When the video is uploaded you can both share the video with your contacts and benefit from each other. This is great for getting exposure and also helps out your members as well.

* Expert Interviews – Do you have a celebrity or person of influence that trains at your gym or PT business? Doing a short interview with them can be a great way to gain credibility and exposure. Ask them about their results, goals and acheivements that they have made since training with you. This will provide great gym advertising or help with your personal training marketing as lots of people will share the video, especially throughout social media.

* Exercise Training Tips – Doing short training tips and techniques is a great way to provide valuable content for your current members while also positioning yourself as an expert for other people who view the video. You should do these on a regular occasion. The videos can also include tips on nutrition and healthy eating.

So these are just 4 ways that video can help with gym advertising and personal training marketing. With the capability of being able to shoot a video on your iphone, easily upload to Youtube and then share through social media sites such as on your Facebook Page and Twitter, using video for marketing is easier than ever before. So what are you waiting for, whip out your iphone and start your fitness marketing campaign using video today!

Video Marketing for Personal Trainers

Video is one of the most powerful forms of media to inspire your Personal Training clients and generate more leads for your business. We recommend creating a YouTube channel to upload your videos and then share them directly on your Facebook page.

The majority of Personal Trainers have smart phones these days. It is so easy to record a quick video on your phone and then upload directly to your YouTube account.

Here are some video marketing ideas to get you started!

Video for Personal Trainers

Workout of the Week – These videos are perfect for sharing your latest exercise routines. Train with a partner and ask them to record your technique along with short messages between sets to touch on the key points. Rob Riches does this very well. He has over 17 million YouTube views on his channel!

Recipe of the Week – Record a video while preparing a meal in the kitchen. Talk people through the recipe and explain the benefits of the food you are preparing. You could do videos on perfect meals for fat burning, muscle gain, post workout, recovery, etc. You could also provide a link to the recipe directing them back to your website or Facebook page

Client Testimonials – Testimonials are a fantastic strategy to showcase the results that you can produce for your clients. Record a quick 30 second video after your client has achieved some fantastic assessment results. They will be pumped and excited with loads of energy for the camera! You could also record testimonials after a great group training session, bootcamp, etc where you have lots of people together at once

Supplements – Most people have no idea what to do when it comes to effective supplementation. There are so many products on the market and the majority of them are rubbish! Recording a video on supplementation will educate your fans while also showing them that you are switched on and up to date with the latest information.

Sharing Videos – Don’t feel like you need to create all of the videos yourself. Sharing other people’s videos is also a great strategy as you will generate likes, comments and shares on your Facebook page while also adding valuable content. Search for videos on YouTube such as Inspirational Videos, Motivational Videos, Fat Burning, Muscle Gain, etc. Simply copy the video link and paste in your status update on Facebook

You may be scared in front of camera initially but you will soon get more comfortable with more practice! The key is to simply be yourself, show some personality, don’t be afraid to make some mistakes and have lots of fun! You never know, your videos may start to go viral like Rob Riches and you could make a fortune from YouTube alone!

Power of Testimonials

One of our clients recently shared a testimonial on their Facebook page and created some amazing energy and interaction as a result. In less than 24 hours they received more than 55 likes and 23 comments! This is from a page with just over 300 likes.

Sharing testimonials on your Facebook page is one of the most powerful strategies to increase interaction. People love hearing about stories of success and it motivates them to believe that they can also receive a similar result.

Before and After images are great as they have an immediate visual impact. We also highly recommend attaching a story with the images so other people can relate to the person and find a source of inspiration.

It is a great idea to take before photos of clients as part of their initial health assessment. They may be reluctant to do this but tell them it will be a great source of motivation to take some action and they will be happy when they can look back on their amazing results in a few months time!


You can also run monthly competitions for the best testimonials and offer rewards such as Free Personal Training sessions, discounts on memberships, gift packs, etc. If they are featured on the Facebook page then they could receive an extra bonus!

The key is sharing stories of success on a consistent basis and encouraging interaction. People will be much more likely to join your gym or train with you if they see that you can actually produce results!

Marketing for Personal Trainers Video Tutorials

Personal Trainers are often discouraged when it comes to finding effective marketing strategies that actually produce results. Many Personal Trainers are excited after completing their Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness but soon hit discouragement when they realise that finding clients is often more difficult that they anticipated!



Outdated marketing strategies such as letter box drops, flyers, banners and email campaigns are not generating results anymore. Social media is often overlooked by Personal Trainers but when used correctly it can be one of the most powerful marketing strategies available.

Facebook now has over 900 million users and it is the place where everyone is spending their time socialising! Imagine being able to tap in to this powerful network with some simple strategies designed to generate more leads for your business.

We have created a step by step video series teaching personal trainers how to effectively use Facebook and also YouTube marketing to generate more leads while also building an online community of followers. The strategies are simple to implement and you will start to see results immediately.


Click the image below to watch our introductory video and you will discover the secrets to take your business to a whole new level using the power of Social Media!

Marketing for Personal Trainers

Generating Discussion and Interaction on your Facebook Page

One of the biggest keys to a successful Facebook strategy is the ability to generate quality discussion and interaction on your pages. The majority of pages are lucky to have one or two likes and comments on each post and usually this comes down to a poor strategy.
It is important to post open questions to encourage your fans to interact and leave comments.


A closed comment such as ‘It’s so cold and wet outside today’ might be true but it’s not going to generate much interaction apart from ‘yes, I agree’! Also, it’s not really going to motivate anyone to get outside and make their way down to the gym!

Using open questions with a clear call to action is the best way to generate more comments on your posts. Here are some examples:

  • What is your favourite healthy meal for dinner? Share your recipes here! The best recipe wins a Free Pt Session!
  • Share your favourite snack ideas. When we get to 10 comments our trainers will share their favourite snacks too!
  • FREE BOOTCAMP CLASS to the first 15 people who reply ‘I want a free bootcamp class’ to this post, be quick!
  • Share your best fat burning tips here. Our trainers will also add to the discussion!

Facebook questions are also a great way to increase interaction on your page. The question is followed by 4 or 5 options and people can select the correct answer for them. Here are some sample questions:

What is the best time of day to do Cardio for Fat Loss?

  • In the morning before Breakfast
  • Before Lunch
  • Before Dinner
  • Before Bed

What is your favourite exercise for burning body fat?

  • Treadmill
  • Bike
  • Cross Trainer
  • Rower – Stepper
  • Swimming

What is your favourite Group Fitness class and why?

  • Body Pump
  • Body Step
  • Cycle
  • Yoga
  • Boxing
  • Pilates

It is so important to get your staff involved with the page. Gym Staff, Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors are the faces of your gym and members love to see them interacting on the pages. Reward your staff for consistent interaction and educate them about the expectations as part of their role at your centre.

The most important part is to have fun! Show some personality on your page, share some funny photos, post some videos of classes, offer rewards and incentives and you will soon start to see some amazing results with your fan page discussion and interaction!