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Marketing for Personal Trainers Video Tutorials

Personal Trainers are often discouraged when it comes to finding effective marketing strategies that actually produce results. Many Personal Trainers are excited after completing their Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness but soon hit discouragement when they realise that finding clients is often more difficult that they anticipated!



Outdated marketing strategies such as letter box drops, flyers, banners and email campaigns are not generating results anymore. Social media is often overlooked by Personal Trainers but when used correctly it can be one of the most powerful marketing strategies available.

Facebook now has over 900 million users and it is the place where everyone is spending their time socialising! Imagine being able to tap in to this powerful network with some simple strategies designed to generate more leads for your business.

We have created a step by step video series teaching personal trainers how to effectively use Facebook and also YouTube marketing to generate more leads while also building an online community of followers. The strategies are simple to implement and you will start to see results immediately.


Click the image below to watch our introductory video and you will discover the secrets to take your business to a whole new level using the power of Social Media!

Marketing for Personal Trainers

Generating Discussion and Interaction on your Facebook Page

One of the biggest keys to a successful Facebook strategy is the ability to generate quality discussion and interaction on your pages. The majority of pages are lucky to have one or two likes and comments on each post and usually this comes down to a poor strategy.
It is important to post open questions to encourage your fans to interact and leave comments.


A closed comment such as ‘It’s so cold and wet outside today’ might be true but it’s not going to generate much interaction apart from ‘yes, I agree’! Also, it’s not really going to motivate anyone to get outside and make their way down to the gym!

Using open questions with a clear call to action is the best way to generate more comments on your posts. Here are some examples:

  • What is your favourite healthy meal for dinner? Share your recipes here! The best recipe wins a Free Pt Session!
  • Share your favourite snack ideas. When we get to 10 comments our trainers will share their favourite snacks too!
  • FREE BOOTCAMP CLASS to the first 15 people who reply ‘I want a free bootcamp class’ to this post, be quick!
  • Share your best fat burning tips here. Our trainers will also add to the discussion!

Facebook questions are also a great way to increase interaction on your page. The question is followed by 4 or 5 options and people can select the correct answer for them. Here are some sample questions:

What is the best time of day to do Cardio for Fat Loss?

  • In the morning before Breakfast
  • Before Lunch
  • Before Dinner
  • Before Bed

What is your favourite exercise for burning body fat?

  • Treadmill
  • Bike
  • Cross Trainer
  • Rower – Stepper
  • Swimming

What is your favourite Group Fitness class and why?

  • Body Pump
  • Body Step
  • Cycle
  • Yoga
  • Boxing
  • Pilates

It is so important to get your staff involved with the page. Gym Staff, Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors are the faces of your gym and members love to see them interacting on the pages. Reward your staff for consistent interaction and educate them about the expectations as part of their role at your centre.

The most important part is to have fun! Show some personality on your page, share some funny photos, post some videos of classes, offer rewards and incentives and you will soon start to see some amazing results with your fan page discussion and interaction!

Top 10 Marketing Tips for Gyms

Top 10 Marketing Tips Blog Update!!!

This article has literally received thousands of views and ranks number one on Google. I had to do an update to let you know THE BEST lead generation strategy that I have seen in more than 18 years of marketing! Facebook Competitions! One of our health club clients just generated 274 leads in 28 days with our new custom app.

Click here to watch a short 2 minute video and find out about the brand new Facebook Competition Software!

1. Offer a Free 5 Visit Pass


The majority of people want to try before they buy and there is no exception when it comes to gyms. Potential members want to spend a few days trying out the equipment, meeting some of the staff and members and getting a good feel for the center before they commit to signing up.

Many gyms charge ridiculous prices for first time casual visits and don’t offer free trial passes. This is a great way to lose potential members and leave them with a lasting negative impression.

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Advanced Facebook Strategies for Gyms and Pt’s

Facebook currently has over 700 million users all over the world and it is becoming one of the most powerful online marketing strategies to take your business to a whole new level. In the past, Gyms and Personal Trainers have focused on traditional marketing methods to generate more members such as letter box drops, ads in local papers, banners and mail outs.


Some of these strategies can still be very effective but many savy club owners are now waking up to the incredible power and leverage of a Facebook Marketing campaign.

Many clubs have a Facebook page but how many of them are actually using it effectively? We would estimate that up to 95% of Facebook pages are not customized. They include the standard default tabs such as Wall, Info, Photos and Discussions. When visitors first land on the page they often see a range of spammy posts from other visitors. There is a poor first impression, no value and most people will only spend a few seconds on a page such as this.




Generally, pages like this have very low interaction, posts are made infrequently and there is no way to capture a prospects details. There is also no specific strategy to engage visitors and therefore the results are poor.Compare this page to a

Fully Customized Page

with a welcome landing tab, video message and optin form offering something of value (in this case a free 5 visit pass to try out the facilities and $35 gift voucher to use on some of the services). This page creates a great first impression, includes the clubs branding, gives visitors an insight into the club via video and also offers the free trial pass to come down and use the facilities.

The page also includes multiple tabs with Club Features, Group Fitness, Personal Training and Client Testimonials. The Group Fitness timetable can also be embedded directly within the page so members and visitors can easily view, download and save to their computers. Capturing the visitors details allows the club to follow up immediately via an autroresponder email. The sales team can then follow up with a phone call to invite the prospect down to the club to try out the facilities. A series of ongoing emails can also be sent on intervals to continue to add value and build a relationship with the prospect.


The custom fan page operates just like a website within the Facebook platform. We can embed images, slideshows, videos and optin forms within the page. We have created a Powerpoint Presentation sharing some Advanced Facebook Strategies that you can start implementing immediately.

The key to a successful Facebook marketing campaign is to create a great first impression with a customized page and then provide great value and content with a combination of status updates, video messages, notes and articles to keep your new fans informed. The true power of Facebook is in leverage. Whenever a visitor likes or comments on the page it is then placed on the News Feed for all of their friends to see. This creates an amazing viral effect on Facebook which drives more traffic back to your page.

If you would like some more information about how to use Facebook for your Gym or Personal Training Studio, Click Here to send us a message and register for a Free Consultation.

What Message is Your Website Sending?

I am amazed by the number of terrible websites in the Health & Fitness industry. I used to be a Gym Manager so I can understand why. We simply don’t have the time to worry about websites, we are too busy managing our gyms! The problem is that a dodgy looking website is having a major impact on the success of your club and the bottom line is that it is costing you BIG dollars.


70% of prospects will check out your website BEFORE coming down to check out your gym. More often than not, they will find your website via a Google search. Go over to your website now and give it an honest evalutation. Where does it fall on a scale of 1 to 10? What would a new prospect think when they come to your website? Are they going to be blown away with your amazing facilities or are they going to be shocked by a website that appears to have been created 15 years ago?

First impression is EVERYTHING when it comes to marketing!

If your website is old, outdated and full of boring text then your prospect is going to assume that your gym is also old, outdated and boring! Most people will make a snap judgment of your facility within 15 seconds of seeing your website. How would your website measure up with a 15 second assessment?

Websites must be visually appealing. They need to make a great first impression when people first land on the page and they must offer something of value. Here are our top recommendations when it comes to creating a great website:

1. The website must have an attractive header design with your gyms logo, colours and branding. We recommend a slideshow image gallery toward the top of the page to showcase your facilities. People want to know what your gym looks like and what sort of equipment you have.

2. On the top right hand corner you need to have an optin form offering something of value. This could be a free 5 visit gym pass, free personal training session or free weight consultation. The key is giving something away for free in exchange for the prospects name, email and phone number. Once you receive their details you can then follow up with them straight away and continue to market to them in the future with a series of automated follow up emails.

3. People want to know about your key programs so make them easily accessible with menu items or banners. Health Club Facilities and Group Fitness Classes should be easily found. People also want to be able to find the Group Fitness Timetable quickly and be able to download it to their computers. Include descriptions about the key programs along with images so prospects get a good feel about the center.

4. Spend a few days building up some client testimonials. Testimonials offer validation that you are running a great facility. Testimonials can be a combination of short videos uploaded to YouTube or written stories along with a profile image.

5. Make sure people can contact you easily! Have your phone number somewhere in the header design of your website. Also have a Contact Us page with phone number, address, opening hours, email, contact form, picture of facility and an embedded google map so people can easily find you.

6. Integrate your website with your social media sites so people can easily find your Facebook Page, YouTube channel, Twitter account, etc. This also shows that you are up to date with the latest trends and not living in the dark ages!.

The most important tip is try not to do all of this yourself! The end result will look average at best and people will see that it has not been done by a professional. Focus on what you do best (managing your gym) and outsource the website to someone who knows what they are doing (us!).

If you need help with your website please click the help image to the left to contact us for a Free Consultation.


You can find out more about our website packages at

Welcome Landing Page for Facebook is Essential!

When visitors arrive on your Facebook Page do they land on the ‘Wall’ tab or do they land on a custom Welcome Page? The difference between the two is worlds apart!

When visitors land on the wall tab they often see a range of spammy wall posts from other people. The first impression is terrible and they will rarely stay on the page for more than a few seconds.


Compare this to landing on a custom Welcome Page with your company’s logo, graphics, a welcome video and an optin form offering something of value. The visitor receives a great first impression, watches your welcome video and then enters name and email to receive something of value (free gym pass, PT session, ebook, etc).

This strategy alone will have a dramatic impact on your Facebook Marketing results. Instead of looking like an amateur, you are perceived as a professional. If your Facebook page is ordinary then people will assume that your gym is ordinary as well!

Embed a YouTube Channel Within Facebook

You can now embed your YouTube Video Channel directly within your Facebook page. Videos can be displayed based on uploads, favourites and playlists. The videos are automatically updated on an hourly basis and they are managed via the YouTube account.




A ‘YouTube’ tab is placed on the left hand side bar of your page below ‘Wall’ and ‘Info’. Visitors can then click on the tab to access all of your latest videos.

It is a great idea to use playlists for different categories of videos (eg: Weight Training, Nutritional Tips, Group Exercise, Cardio, etc). Visitors can then select the category that interests them and all of the relevant videos are displayed.

Videos are the best form of communication on Facebook and visitors are much more likely to comment, rate, like and share with their friends. This adds value to your visitors and generates a viral effect of increased traffic to your fan page.

For more information on the YouTube Application go to

Convert Facebook Fans to Prospects

We see a lot of Facebook Pages with a number of Fans (likes). The question is how many of these fans are actually converting to members? Do you have a system in place to capture your fans name, email and phone number so you can follow up with them in the future? It is extremely important to offer something of value to your fans in exchange for their contact details.


We highly recommend embedding an optin form (lead capture form) within your welcome page to capture name, email and phone. To do this you may offer them a free 5 day visit pass to your gym, a free personal training session, gift voucher, free ebook with training tips or maybe a free weight loss consultation. The prospect receives the free pass in an automated welcome email and they simply print it off or take a photo with their phone, then come down to the center to validate.

Once you capture their details you can then send a number of automated follow up messages to continue to add value, provide tips, tools and free resources. You can also forward on the prospects details to your sales and marketing team for immediate follow up.

The key to a successful Facebook Marketing strategy is converting traffic to fans and then fans to members. Implement this simple strategy and you will see a huge difference in your results!