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Embed a YouTube Channel Within Facebook

You can now embed your YouTube Video Channel directly within your Facebook page. Videos can be displayed based on uploads, favourites and playlists. The videos are automatically updated on an hourly basis and they are managed via the YouTube account.




A ‘YouTube’ tab is placed on the left hand side bar of your page below ‘Wall’ and ‘Info’. Visitors can then click on the tab to access all of your latest videos.

It is a great idea to use playlists for different categories of videos (eg: Weight Training, Nutritional Tips, Group Exercise, Cardio, etc). Visitors can then select the category that interests them and all of the relevant videos are displayed.

Videos are the best form of communication on Facebook and visitors are much more likely to comment, rate, like and share with their friends. This adds value to your visitors and generates a viral effect of increased traffic to your fan page.

For more information on the YouTube Application go to

Convert Facebook Fans to Prospects

We see a lot of Facebook Pages with a number of Fans (likes). The question is how many of these fans are actually converting to members? Do you have a system in place to capture your fans name, email and phone number so you can follow up with them in the future? It is extremely important to offer something of value to your fans in exchange for their contact details.


We highly recommend embedding an optin form (lead capture form) within your welcome page to capture name, email and phone. To do this you may offer them a free 5 day visit pass to your gym, a free personal training session, gift voucher, free ebook with training tips or maybe a free weight loss consultation. The prospect receives the free pass in an automated welcome email and they simply print it off or take a photo with their phone, then come down to the center to validate.

Once you capture their details you can then send a number of automated follow up messages to continue to add value, provide tips, tools and free resources. You can also forward on the prospects details to your sales and marketing team for immediate follow up.

The key to a successful Facebook Marketing strategy is converting traffic to fans and then fans to members. Implement this simple strategy and you will see a huge difference in your results!