Weekly Fitness Biz Tip Number 29 – Stand Out From The Crowd…

This week’s Fitness Business Tip is around Standing Out In The Crowd!

It doesn’t really matter what you think of your business, it’s really about what your clients, members and consumer thinks.

Following from this you must ask yourself this question:

What is going to cut through the 3000 direct messages and subliminal messages each consumer receives every day?

Is it something standard? Is it something average? Is it something politically correct? Or is it something left field…something a little quirky.

To be honest, and I know better than most because I speak and mentor over 150 club and studio operators per month….most (and I am being polite here) fitness professionals are sticking to stock standard imagery and formats with their artwork and delivery of their message on both Social Media and marketing assets in general.

August 2019 fitness marketing is very different than 2016 and even 2018. You have to stand out from the crowd not just be in the crowd.
Ensure every piece of your marketing lead generation material has a quirky feel to it. Ask is this going to really stand out? If your answer is no, then start again!

You need your marketing message to penetrate through the noise. Oh and one more thing; unless you are a graphic designer (a real one) DON’T do your own Facebook banners, flyers, posters etc.

There is so much I can say here…so I’ll only say this – it often reeks of unprofessionalism AND I haven’t got enough money to do this properly!!

Remember, your sales based social media posts MUST stop the scroll for you to increase your percentages of getting an enquiry based on that post.

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