Advanced Facebook Strategies for Gyms and Pt’s

Facebook currently has over 700 million users all over the world and it is becoming one of the most powerful online marketing strategies to take your business to a whole new level. In the past, Gyms and Personal Trainers have focused on traditional marketing methods to generate more members such as letter box drops, ads in local papers, banners and mail outs.


Some of these strategies can still be very effective but many savy club owners are now waking up to the incredible power and leverage of a Facebook Marketing campaign.

Many clubs have a Facebook page but how many of them are actually using it effectively? We would estimate that up to 95% of Facebook pages are not customized. They include the standard default tabs such as Wall, Info, Photos and Discussions. When visitors first land on the page they often see a range of spammy posts from other visitors. There is a poor first impression, no value and most people will only spend a few seconds on a page such as this.




Generally, pages like this have very low interaction, posts are made infrequently and there is no way to capture a prospects details. There is also no specific strategy to engage visitors and therefore the results are poor.Compare this page to a

Fully Customized Page

with a welcome landing tab, video message and optin form offering something of value (in this case a free 5 visit pass to try out the facilities and $35 gift voucher to use on some of the services). This page creates a great first impression, includes the clubs branding, gives visitors an insight into the club via video and also offers the free trial pass to come down and use the facilities.

The page also includes multiple tabs with Club Features, Group Fitness, Personal Training and Client Testimonials. The Group Fitness timetable can also be embedded directly within the page so members and visitors can easily view, download and save to their computers. Capturing the visitors details allows the club to follow up immediately via an autroresponder email. The sales team can then follow up with a phone call to invite the prospect down to the club to try out the facilities. A series of ongoing emails can also be sent on intervals to continue to add value and build a relationship with the prospect.


The custom fan page operates just like a website within the Facebook platform. We can embed images, slideshows, videos and optin forms within the page. We have created a Powerpoint Presentation sharing some Advanced Facebook Strategies that you can start implementing immediately.

The key to a successful Facebook marketing campaign is to create a great first impression with a customized page and then provide great value and content with a combination of status updates, video messages, notes and articles to keep your new fans informed. The true power of Facebook is in leverage. Whenever a visitor likes or comments on the page it is then placed on the News Feed for all of their friends to see. This creates an amazing viral effect on Facebook which drives more traffic back to your page.

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