Content is King

If you are a Gym or a Personal Trainer then content is king when it comes to retaining current clients and also attracting new ones!

You should all have a blog and a Facebook page for your business (if you don’t, then you need one now!). The key is constantly providing value on your blog and Facebook page to educate your clients and fans and build quality relationships.


In today’s world the key to generating more clients is to give value first and then sell second. You must make an effort to provide consistent, ongoing value to build trust and rapport before trying to close the deal.

Here are some ideas for adding value:

– Type up a word document on ‘Top 10 Tips for Fat Loss’. Add your logo to the top, save as a PDF and then provide a link for people to download. You could also offer this on your website as a download (in exchange for someones’ name and email address)
– Record a quick 30 second video on ‘Workout of the Day’ and upload to YouTube. After uploading share the video on Facebook and your Blog
– Type up some of your favourite recipes and give it a title ‘Best Recipes to Maximise Muscle Growth’
– Share a tip of the day message on your FB page
– Share inspirational images, quotes and videos to motivate your followers

The key with the content is to be CONSISTENT! There is no point adding a few posts one week and then forgetting about it for several months. Allocate 15 minutes every day to providing content for your followers and watch your business grow at a rapid rate!

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