Custom Website Design

10 Years Experience Working in the Fitness Industry and 10 Years in Online Marketing … We Know What Works!

When someone lands on your website you have 6 – 8 seconds to capture your prospects attention and create a great first impression. If the impression is poor you will never see this prospect again. What impression does your current website create? Will your prospect be inspired to take action and connect with you or will they close your website and continue searching?

Brad Cusworth, Director and Co-Founder of Marketing for Gyms and Personal Trainers, spent 10 years working as a Gym Manager and Personal Trainer in Melbourne, Australia before spending the next 10 years working in online marketing for fitness professionals. Brad has more than 20 years experience working in the Health & Fitness industry. This gives Marketing for Gyms and Personal Trainers a unique advantage over other website developers who have spent their entire career sitting in front of a computer with no hands on experience working in the fitness industry.

Websites should be clean, modern and visually appealing with one major goal in mind … to generate the maximum amount of leads for your business..

We have a range of website packages available and the majority of our clients fall into the following 6 categories:

Personal Trainers

Online Coaches

Fitness Models

Gyms / Health Clubs


Yoga & Pilates

Here is a summary of our key services:

Custom Website Design

Custom Facebook Pages

Landing Pages

Membership Sites

Mobile Apps

Online Programs

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