Facebook Marketing Part 2 – Getting Started

As previously mentioned in a recent post, the free ride with Facebook is over. Facebook has now overtaken google as the number 1 place to advertise your business. And why not? You can literally tap into thousands of your perfect demographic. The key is creating Facebook Ads and having a set budget allocation each week/month. On top of that, you want to have your ads leading somewhere that you can give them something of value and be able to obtain their details so you can market to them in the future. This could either be your website home page if you have an email opt-in form, or you could create a separate landing page for a specific offer or promotion. The key is to generate real leads from your marketing spend.

If you are a gym or PT, giving away something like a free 5 day pass, 3 free group training sessions or a discount offer would all work well. If you’re just looking at generating leads you might want to give away something like a weight-loss or workout ebook. Something like the Top 10 tips to losing weight, or the Top 5 ways to get ripped abs. You can get very creative with what you give away, and the best bit, you can create new offers or giveaways each month to attract a new audience.

In the next post, I’ll share some of the key benefits of Facebook marketing and how you can really sky rocket your business.

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