Facebook Marketing Part 4 – Setting up and creating Facebook Ads

As mentioned in the previous posts, Facebook Ads are one of the best ways to market your business and generate leads and referrals ongoing. Once you have your landing page set up, your auto-responder system integrated and your offer in place, it’s time to head to Facebook and create your Ad.

Facebook marketing is big business and they are now making it even easier for businesses to market to people on Facebook. Here are a list of some of the different ways you can target your audience:


So if you know your market, you can definitely find them and target them with your Facebook Ads.

Now, Facebook have taken things even further by adding some additional features. These are not known by the average person and provide your business even wider scope. The first feature is called ‘Audiences’. This is a massive advantage for marketers. Some of the features contained here include the ability to upload a database file of emails, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs and app user IDs. Once uploaded, Facebook will do a cross check and find the people and create an audience for you. You can then directly market to these people.

The other way you can grow the market you are targeting is through something called ‘Lookalike Audiences’ These are people that are like your custom target market. Facebook can create a list of people who have similar interests, likes and activities as the people you are targeting to give you even more reach. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your campaigns.


These actions above are more advanced, but if you do have a big list of email addresses that you want to market to, then these options are pretty powerful.

Creating Facebook Ads should always be tested and measured. Change your Ads regularly, update your offer or giveaway and test the results. After a while of fine tuning you are sure to generate a great list of
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