Generating Discussion and Interaction on your Facebook Page

One of the biggest keys to a successful Facebook strategy is the ability to generate quality discussion and interaction on your pages. The majority of pages are lucky to have one or two likes and comments on each post and usually this comes down to a poor strategy.
It is important to post open questions to encourage your fans to interact and leave comments.


A closed comment such as ‘It’s so cold and wet outside today’ might be true but it’s not going to generate much interaction apart from ‘yes, I agree’! Also, it’s not really going to motivate anyone to get outside and make their way down to the gym!

Using open questions with a clear call to action is the best way to generate more comments on your posts. Here are some examples:

Facebook questions are also a great way to increase interaction on your page. The question is followed by 4 or 5 options and people can select the correct answer for them. Here are some sample questions:

What is the best time of day to do Cardio for Fat Loss?

What is your favourite exercise for burning body fat?

What is your favourite Group Fitness class and why?

It is so important to get your staff involved with the page. Gym Staff, Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors are the faces of your gym and members love to see them interacting on the pages. Reward your staff for consistent interaction and educate them about the expectations as part of their role at your centre.

The most important part is to have fun! Show some personality on your page, share some funny photos, post some videos of classes, offer rewards and incentives and you will soon start to see some amazing results with your fan page discussion and interaction!

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