Gym Advertising and Personal Training Marketing Using Video

Video is one of the most powerful ways for you to help with Gym Advertising and Personal Training Marketing. The key is understanding how best to use video as part of your marketing plan. In Fitness, advertising and marketing yourself professionally is the key to being seen as a leader in your field. Video helps you do that by giving you great exposure. There are a few key ways in which video can help with gym advertising and personal training marketing. It needs to become a regular part of your fitness advertising structure. With the help of social media with sites like Facebook and Youtube you can now get exposure to thousands of people by utilizing this great tool. Below I have listed a number of ways you can use video to help with your Gym Advertising and Personal Training marketing:

* Client Testimonials – If you are looking to provide social proof that your gym or pt business is simply amazing, who better to tell the world than your happy clients. The best time to ask for a testimonial is straight after a PT session, Group Fitness class, bootcamp or after a client as reached a weightloss or fitness goal. You can do a single person testimonial or a group of people together talking about how great you are!

* Joint Venture Interviews – These are short little video interviews you can do with your clients. In your video you should ask them about their results and what they like about your gym or PT business. You can pre determine an offer for their business that they offer your clients of your health club or PT business. You can do this both ways and offer their clients a discount for mentioning they are a customer of your gym client. When the video is uploaded you can both share the video with your contacts and benefit from each other. This is great for getting exposure and also helps out your members as well.

* Expert Interviews – Do you have a celebrity or person of influence that trains at your gym or PT business? Doing a short interview with them can be a great way to gain credibility and exposure. Ask them about their results, goals and acheivements that they have made since training with you. This will provide great gym advertising or help with your personal training marketing as lots of people will share the video, especially throughout social media.

* Exercise Training Tips – Doing short training tips and techniques is a great way to provide valuable content for your current members while also positioning yourself as an expert for other people who view the video. You should do these on a regular occasion. The videos can also include tips on nutrition and healthy eating.

So these are just 4 ways that video can help with gym advertising and personal training marketing. With the capability of being able to shoot a video on your iphone, easily upload to Youtube and then share through social media sites such as on your Facebook Page and Twitter, using video for marketing is easier than ever before. So what are you waiting for, whip out your iphone and start your fitness marketing campaign using video today!

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