How to Increase Search Engine Rankings

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘how do I improve my search engine rankings?’ A number of factors contribute to how your website is ranked but one of the most important is posting consistent, relevant content.

I would estimate around 90% of websites rarely get updated. They are created, published and then forgotten about. One of the things that Google looks for in a website is recent posts with relevant search terms. Google wants to provide the latest, most up to date information to ensure it maintains customer satisfaction. If your website is never updated then Google will regard it as old, outdated and you will receive a poor search engine ranking.

One of the easiest ways to increase your rankings is to make regular blog posts. A blog is a great way to add valuable content to your visitors while also loading the articles with keywords to improve your rankings.

Here are some ideas for your blog posts:

If you don’t have a blog on your current website send us a message for more information about our website packages. It may be time for an upgrade!

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