Marketing for Personal Trainers Video Tutorials

Personal Trainers are often discouraged when it comes to finding effective marketing strategies that actually produce results. Many Personal Trainers are excited after completing their Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness but soon hit discouragement when they realise that finding clients is often more difficult that they anticipated!



Outdated marketing strategies such as letter box drops, flyers, banners and email campaigns are not generating results anymore. Social media is often overlooked by Personal Trainers but when used correctly it can be one of the most powerful marketing strategies available.

Facebook now has over 900 million users and it is the place where everyone is spending their time socialising! Imagine being able to tap in to this powerful network with some simple strategies designed to generate more leads for your business.

We have created a step by step video series teaching personal trainers how to effectively use Facebook and also YouTube marketing to generate more leads while also building an online community of followers. The strategies are simple to implement and you will start to see results immediately.


Click the image below to watch our introductory video and you will discover the secrets to take your business to a whole new level using the power of Social Media!

Marketing for Personal Trainers

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