The Frankly Speaking NO BS Podcast

Join respected fitness industry strategist and Marketing For Gyms and Personal Trainers CEO Frank Smarrelli, as he hosts and delivers his own weekly NO BS Podcast, Frankly Speaking!
Frank covers a whole range of fitness industry topics with his well known authentic NO BS style of delivery. A must listen to from one of the most experienced leaders in the global fitness industry.

Frankly Speaking No BS Fit Biz Podcast – Episode #4: 4 Things That Frustrate Me About Gym Owners or Operators.

In this week’s Frankly Speaking No BS Podcast Frank speaks about the 4 things that frustrate him the most about gym and studio owners.                          

#1: Operators that have no frickin idea about how to use and execute social media properly.
#2: Operators or owners that are tight asses when it comes to spending money on social media.
#3: Operators that are crap at following up leads.
#4: Operators or owners that think member retention is just about being friendly… as saying hi and bye to members.
Hope you enjoy!

Frankly Speaking No BS Fit Biz Podcast – Episode #3: Get With The Program or Sell Out!

In this week’s show Frank cover some information around Social Media consumption. In Australia and the US alone 25 to 35 year olds are spending almost 2 hours every day on Social Media. This jumps up to 2.5 hours between the ages of 16 and 24.
With Covid19, this time on Social Media has doubled. The marketing adage of, fish where the fish are has never been truer.

Your greatest growth currency is ‘attention.’ The more Social Media attention you can hold the more your business will ultimately grow. The key is to push out consistent quality content at volume on both Facebook and Instagram.

Frankly Speaking No BS Fit Biz Podcast – Episode #2: Creating a Bigger Vision For Your Fitness Business.

In this week’s show Frank covers how to get organised and prepared for your reopening post Covid 19.

He discusses how gym and studio owners need to get out of survival mode and get into thrive mode. Frank says that all owners need to get through the first 30 days (post closure) and then start to really fine tune their business goals and business vision. This vision must motivate your, drive you and inspire you. It all comes down to having a plan and then taking Massive Action to achieve it!

Frankly Speaking No BS Fit Biz Podcast – Episode #1: Staying Super Relevant.

In this week’s show Frank covers how to stay super relevant on Social Media during the Covid 19 pandemic. He also speaks about several different options for re-opening campaigns that gym or studio owners need to start thinking about.

Additionally, Frank talks about how professional Chess Players think 10-15 steps ahead of the game, so this is the time to get super structured, organised, well planned and dominate Social Media so that you can dominate on the other side.

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