Power of Testimonials

One of our clients recently shared a testimonial on their Facebook page and created some amazing energy and interaction as a result. In less than 24 hours they received more than 55 likes and 23 comments! This is from a page with just over 300 likes.

Sharing testimonials on your Facebook page is one of the most powerful strategies to increase interaction. People love hearing about stories of success and it motivates them to believe that they can also receive a similar result.

Before and After images are great as they have an immediate visual impact. We also highly recommend attaching a story with the images so other people can relate to the person and find a source of inspiration.

It is a great idea to take before photos of clients as part of their initial health assessment. They may be reluctant to do this but tell them it will be a great source of motivation to take some action and they will be happy when they can look back on their amazing results in a few months time!


You can also run monthly competitions for the best testimonials and offer rewards such as Free Personal Training sessions, discounts on memberships, gift packs, etc. If they are featured on the Facebook page then they could receive an extra bonus!

The key is sharing stories of success on a consistent basis and encouraging interaction. People will be much more likely to join your gym or train with you if they see that you can actually produce results!

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