Referral Marketing, the cheapest and the best!

Referral marketing for gyms is the best way to increase your membership and it’s also the cheapest way as well. The thing is though, it’s often uncomfortable asking a new member for their friends name and phone number, in fact it’s a little bit awkward for everyone. It’s also not a very qualified lead and no one ever likes cold calling.

Rarely a new member will want to give over their friends details and then have the gym or PT calling their friend, especially if they mention their name. What if there could be a way where you could get referrals without the uncomfortable part of asking for name and phone numbers of their friend. That would be pretty cool right?

What’s more, how cool would it be if you could in fact create a win/win outcome, have the new member refer a ton of their friends easily and quickly and have their friend qualify themselves for you? Well, that’s pretty much what we create at Marketing for gyms and PT’s and we create it all within Facebook, the biggest social network on the internet.



Watch this video as I walk you through how you could increase your referrals quickly and easily if you had this set up for your gym or PT business

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