Finally a Proven, Simple, Step-by-Step Sales System That Will Help You Convert Dozens of More Leads, Prospects and Referrals!

Attention all Personal Trainers, Managers and Studio Owners…You’re About to Discover a Very Specific Step-by-Step Sales System That Will Help Grow Your Fitness Business Faster than any other sales system in the industry.

Frank Smarrelli

Director of Marketing for Gyms & Personal Trainers

Dear Personal Trainer, Manager and Studio Owner,

Let me cut straight to the chase, most (and I really mean most) personal trainers hate to sell. After being in the fitness industry for 25 straight years, I believe this mainly comes down to not having a proven sales system that they can use and rely on.

A system that has been tested and proven over time to work irrespective of whether you are selling one-one personal training, semi-private, small group, boot camps or transformation challenges.

Through the Value Based Sales System I can show you a comprehensive step-by-step blueprint on how to sell more of your fitness programs all while increasing your average sale amount, without hard or sleazy selling…yuck!!

Do you have any of these problems within your fitness business….

1. You believe you are a good trainer but you find it hard to sell yourself and your services to new leads and prospects.

2. You become frustrated at times because you can’t close enough people into your programs to pay all your bills and save money.

3. You’re tired of hearing objections like, “I can’t afford to train with you at the moment”, or “I need to think about it.”

I Can Share With You That You’re Not Alone…

The reality is though if you can’t sell then you won’t have any clients and members to train.

No people to train = NO BUSINESS to make $$$!!

The #1 RULE to growing a six figure personal training business or even a 7 figure training studio is to INVEST in non-fitness skills (business). At the top of the education tree is SALES CONVERSIONS!

My attitude in life is when I want to learn something new then I don’t waste any time, I go straight to the best at whatever it is that I want to learn or master.

In the end this saves me valuable time and cuts out Trial and Error (who has time for that!!)

Enter The Best Sales System in The Fitness Industry For Personal Trainers…

I have been teaching The Value Based Sales System to personal trainers, managers and studio owners for over a decade. I can say with 100% confidence that there is no other Sales Conversion System or Blueprint like this on the market today.

Put simply, if you want to learn a proven and tested system for not only converting more leads and prospects but also attracting and closing more referrals, then look no further than The Value Based Sales System product.

If You’re Still Hesitant, Then Read What Other Fitness Professionals Are Saying About It…

Studio Owner

Frank’s sales program has given me the confidence to now go out and open a larger personal training studio.

Studio Owner

For a person who is reserved and dislikes selling, the value based sales system makes converting my prospects into long-term paying clients easier.

Outdoor Personal Trainer

I purchased Frank’s sales training several months ago. The biggest thing I took out of it was the confidence it gave me to grow my business.

Personal Trainer

The Value Based Sales System is based on getting great results by using simplified techniques and skills to master the art of selling.

Club Manager

Frank’s Sales System is second to none, that I have now asked him to personally coach and mentor my staff in sales techniques and frontline service.

Trizone Fitness Owner

I have been in the fitness industry for over 2 decades and have not meant a person who is more dedicated to helping Fitness Professionals like Frank.

Outdoor Bootcamp Coach

My client base has grown rapidly to over 120 and my bootcamps are fully booked out. I am now hiring new trainers to cope with demand!

Personal Trainer

The sales process was simple and easy for me to follow. I can’t recommend it highly enough for new personal trainers or even more established ones.

Personal Trainer & Studio Owner

This is a risk free product and if you are serious about taking your fitness business forward then the value based sales system is for you.

What is in The Ultimate Value
Based Sales System For Personal Trainers?

Value Based Sales System Modules

10 very specific Value Based Sales System Modules on how to successfully grow your personal training business by converting more leads, prospects and referrals directly into your business; irrespective of whether you’re a one-person operator or studio owner.

  • Module #1:

    You Need to Know How to Sell

  • Module #2:

    Value Based Sales System Overview

  • Module #3:

    You Must Prospect & Market Your Business to Grow

  • Module #4:

    SuperStar Rapport Building

  • Module #5:

    Qualifying – Understanding a Client’s Needs & Wants

  • Module #6:

    The Try Before You Buy System

  • Module #7:

    Present Your Packages Then Sell Results

  • Module #8:

    Asking For The Sale & Overcoming Objections

  • Module #9:

    Systemized Your Paper Work

  • Module #10:

    Referrals – Earn, Ask, Reward

Sales Conversion Training Videos

In this section you will find very specific Sales Training Videos on how to become a powerful closer, how to overcome all key objections, and how to maximize your trial sessions to make converting prospects into your higher yield programs easier. You’ll also discover the power of having up-sells, down-sells and cross-sells in you sales conversion toolkit.

Video #1:

Your Sales Conversion Toolkit

Video #2:

Your Professional Price Presentation

Video #3:

Being a Powerful Closer

Video #4:

Overcoming Any Prospect Objection With I.H.P

Video #5:

Maximizing Your Trial Sessions

Video #6:

Make Money With Up-Sells, Down-Sells and Cross-Sells

Specific Sales Cheat Sheets

Our Sales Cheat Sheets are designed to give you clear, step-by-step tips and instructions on all things selling. From cultivating your prospects and client referrals, to strategies on how to increase your average dollar sales and profits without having to take any more personal training sessions.

  • 11 Things You Should Know Before You Start Prospecting
  • 11 Tips For Cultivating Your Prospects & Client Referrals
  • 11 Ways to Build Your Personal Prospecting File
  • 11 Ways to Get Others to Prospect For You
  • 21 Famous Sales Quotes
  • 21 Golden Sales Prospecting Tips
  • 21 Golden Sales Tips & Hints
  • 21 Ways to Increase Average Dollar Sales
  • 21 Ways to Increase Number of Transactions
  • 21 Ways to Increase Your Profit Margins
  • 21 Ways to Increase Your Sales Conversions

High Converting Face-to-Face Scripts

Here you will find a collection of tried and tested powerful Face-to-Face Scripts to connect with prospects and clients on a deeper level. This can only mean more sales, more clients, more referrals and ultimately more profits.

  • Fast Action Offer ­ Double 100 Dollar Gift Card Offer
  • Fast Action Offer - Triple 100 Dollar Gift Card Offer
  • POS Referral Script -­ Client or Member Rewards Program
  • POS Referral Script ­ Dealing With the Primary Concern
  • Sample Down-Sell Script
  • Sample Personal Training Sales Script No1
  • Sample Personal Training Sales Script No2
  • Sample Sales Script For Generic Offer
  • Sample Sales Script For The 100 Dollar Gift Card
  • Sample Sales Script For The 175 Dollar Offer
  • Sample Semi-Private Personal Training Sales Script No1
  • Sample Semi-Private Personal Training Sales Script No2
  • Sample Up-Sell Nutritional Script No1
  • Sample Up-Sell Nutritional Script No2
  • Sample Up-Sell Script From Bootcamp to Core Program
  • Sample Up-Sell Script From Bootcamp to Group PT No1
  • Sample Up-Sell Script From Bootcamp to Group PT No2

High Converting Phone Scripts

In this section of The Value Based Sales System you will find specific Phone Scripts that will easily help you maximize conversions and increase your business profits.

  • Sample Lead Box Second Prize Call Script
  • Sample Lead Box Winner Call Script
  • Sample Up-Sell Script From Bootcamp to Core Program No1
  • Sample Up-Sell Script From Bootcamp to Core Program No2
  • Confirm Appointments Call Script
  • Confirm Appointment With Added Incentive Call Script
  • Call Back Call Script

Bonus #1 – Priceless

Forever access to the Value Based Sales System backend portal including all future updates...

Bonus #2 – Valued at $197

Be a Personal Training Prospecting Champion – The Art of Searching For and Finding Future Clients.

Complete 1-Day Workshop Modules.

Bonus # 3 – Valued at $297

Telephone Mastery – The Fitness Industry’s Best Telephone Sales System & Mastery Workshop.

Complete 1-Day Workshop Modules.

Bonus # 4 – Valued at $97

Sales Podcast Sales Podcast – listen, learn and absorb our Sales Podcasts to further develop your skills and become one of the highest converting Personal Trainers in the fitness industry.

  • The Importance of Pre Close Questions
  • The SuperStar Price Presentation
  • My 7 Favourite Closes
  • SuperStar Sales Strategies & Tips to Increase Your Conversions
  • Understanding The Twin Forces of Human Behaviour

Bonus # 5 – Valued at $97

Marketing Webinars – Watch, learn and absorb our Marketing Webinars to develop your marketing skills so that you have a constant flow of new qualified leads and prospects coming into your fitness business.

  • The Best Lead Generation Tool in The Fitness Industry
  • How to Grow Your Personal Training Business With New Age Marketing
  • How to Use Effective Copywriting in 7-Easy Steps so You Can Attract More Clients
  • How to Use 6 Simple Laws of Marketing to Grow Your PT Business Faster
  • How to Attract 30 New Qualified Prospects in 30-Days Using 3 Simple Lead Generation Strategies

Protected By Our Personal Guarantee

We are so confident that this sales conversion program will teach you how to close dozens of new clients, more often and with a lot less effort; not to mention without sleazy selling techniques, that we are willing to give you a full 30 days to try it out.

Invest in the Value Based Sales Systems Program, read and follow the exact 8-Step Blueprint in the modules, watch and implement the strategies taught in the training videos, absorb the specific information in the cheat sheets, use all the face-to-face and phone scripts. Slowly work through the Prospecting for Champions modules and the Telephone Mastery modules. Listen to our specific Sales Podcasts and watch our marketing and lead generation Webinars. After this, if you don’t see value in using this product now and in the future, simply email us at and we’ll issue you a FULL refund.

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Frank Smarrelli

Director of Marketing for Gyms & Personal Trainers

I have been in the fitness industry for 25 straight years. I have never seen a more comprehensive sales system than The Value Based Sales System. If you need help in selling and marketing your services, whether you are new to the fitness industry or already own a studio, then this program is the key to growing a more successful fitness business without trial and error. This proven and tested system simply works!