1-on-1 Coaching & Mentoring Program

Membership Blitz (1-ON-1 Coaching & Mentoring)

Membership Blitz 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring program is run by industry-marketing leader and company CEO, Frank Smarrelli. With 22 years of hands on fitness industry experience, having worked with many of the major fitness brands including F45 Training, Anytime Fitness, Snap Fitness, 9Rounds, Good Life, Fitness First, Jetts, Plus Fitness, and several other international brands like LA Fitness and Orange Theory; Frank will be able to help structure your marketing, through effective planning and education to maximum consistent monthly membership growth.

We now live in what we call the “look-down” culture. Do you think passengers in a car are looking at billboard signs like they used to 10 years ago?

What about your future members and clients having a coffee in their local café; are they reading the local paper? In both scenarios people are looking down at their mobile phones.

In Australia and the US alone 25 to 35 year olds are spending almost 2 hours every day on Social Media. This jumps up to 2.5 hours between the ages of 16 and 24.


The marketing adage of, fish where the fish are has never been truer!

For the fitness industry, Facebook (depending on your Avarta) and now in particular Instagram are the gateway to your business growth.

The biggest growing demographic joining health clubs and fitness studios right now is the age bracket between 25 to 35. This group is spending about 2 hours every day consuming content by reading, listening and watching videos and stories on Social Media.

To outgrow your competition and have sustained business success, you must dominate Social Media.

What The Membership Blitz Coaching Program Includes:

  • Three x 30 or 45-minute coaching calls per month.
  • All sales based Social Media copy is written for you.
  • All sales based email and SMS marketing copy is written for you.
  • Access to dozens of monthly marketing promotional ideas.
  • Complete point-of-sale referral systems.
  • In-house referral competitions and strategies.
  • Ex-member and client reactivation campaigns.
  • Access to over 25 specific member and client retention initiatives.
  • Complete education around Social Media posting, structure and optimization.
  • Unlimited email support, Monday to Friday.
  • And much more…

We may be a little biased, but we think this is the best business mentoring program in the fitness industry.

If you would like to find out some more information about our Membership Blitz 1-on-1 Coaching Program simply enter your name, email and phone number below and we will organize a time to discuss your options.

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