Landing Page Creation

Digital Marketing 101: Create a landing page with a compelling offer and a simple yet direct call to action (CTA). Have an
opt-in form and draw traffic to that page with paid traffic, e.g. Facebook ads, Instagram ads and Google AdWords.

The key benefits of having landing pages for each of your marketing promotions include:

  • Branded landing pages increase conversions by up to 55%.

  • Landing Pages generate data insights because they can be tested.

  • It’s the most effective way to actually grow your prospect list, via an opt-in form.

  • It’s the best way to spilt test different images, offers, social media ads and also compare leads generated directly from
    either Facebook, Instagram or AdWords.

  • Video landing pages have the highest engagement and conversion rate of any type of page on the net.

We can create any type of branded landing page including the social media graphics that go with promoting your page, or
we can teach you exactly how to do it with our own landing page software –

Reach out to speak to one of our team members at Marketing For Gym and Personal Trainers HQ today.

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