Our Fitness Industry Specific Software

Through two decades of working directly with some of the most successful gyms and fitness studios in the world, we have realized that technology and automation are the some of the most important drivers for business success.

When a bricks and mortar fitness business opens, the owner or manager may be able to get away with using spreadsheets to track certain metrics within the business. However, soon enough this manual process will only slow down the business, impact lead and member experiences and potentially impede business growth.

Many gyms and fitness studios stakeholders underestimate the importance of technology when it comes to running a successful business. One that is based on automation, and what we refer to as business flow (optimization on all levels.)

We strongly believe that technology and more specifically software systems that fill a very specific role within a gym or studio are the future of how all successful businesses will be operated.

Over the last five years our CEO, Frank Smarrelli has invested heavily in creating and providing to the global fitness industry, tailored software solutions that help owners build their business much faster and with a lot less resources, e.g. employing additional admin staff.
Our subsidiary company, Business Growth Technologies has two key software systems currently operating within the global fitness industry.


Gym Pages is a professional drag-and-drop online software tool that any fitness professional can use to create high converting landing pages. Create branded and customized landing pages for your challenge, boot camp, paid trial, join only offers and everything in between.

Gym Pages is literally the world’s fastest online landing page software created specifically for fitness professionals and health club operators. Visit www.GymPages.net for more information.

Social Media Management & Marketing

Social Breeze is the first all-in-one Social Media Management and Marketing Platform created by fitness professionals, for fitness professionals. There is no other Social Media management platform out in the market place like Social Breeze; with over 3000 pre written and pre uploaded posts around all types of fitness and wellness related topics.

Social Breeze simply allows to you be more structured and organized around Facebook and Instagram, so you can push out more consistent quality content at scale. Visit www.SocialBreeze.net for more information.

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