Weekly Fitness Biz Tip Number 27 – Social Media is a Pay to Play Platform…

This week’s Fitness Business Tip is around Social Media Budgeting.
Unless you (and your business) have been living under a rock since 2015 you would know that FREE organic reach on Facebook is almost non-existent. Yes, Live Streaming Video changes that slightly, but overall Facebook is a Pay-to-Play Social Platform!

At the moment Instagram (IG) gives you up to 30% FREE organic reach (although I have a strong feeling it is much closer to 15% than 30%).

What does this all mean?

To get the absolute most out of Social Media you must play the pay game. Social Media should be all about “quality posting.” Quality images, quality videos and yes quality written copy (quality not quantity). If this is the case for your Facebook and IG page then I say boost everything.

Don’t mortgage your house on these posts but spend $8-$10 for a day or two to get further reach. More reach effectively means more eyeballs on that post. That could mean more engagement and ultimately an enquiry.

You aint getting enquires from your Social Media posts if people don’t see it in their feeds.

Ryan Deiss (one of the world’s best digital marketers) once said IF YOU POST AND DON’T BOOST, IT’S LIKE NOT POSTING AT ALL!!! I love that.

Allocate a strategic monthly budget for both Facebook and IG.

Divide this budget into:

1. Organic Posts
2. Organic Posts With Soft Sells
3. Sales Based Post (promotions)

Stick to this consistently and commit to getting more out of Social Media for your fitness business.

Remember, Social Media is the heart beat of fitness marketing, with the average active user in the US and Australia spending 2 hours and 22 minutes on these platforms.

Fish where the fish are….Facebook and IG!!

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Frank and Brad
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