Video Marketing for Personal Trainers

Video is one of the most powerful forms of media to inspire your Personal Training clients and generate more leads for your business. We recommend creating a YouTube channel to upload your videos and then share them directly on your Facebook page.

The majority of Personal Trainers have smart phones these days. It is so easy to record a quick video on your phone and then upload directly to your YouTube account.

Here are some video marketing ideas to get you started!

Video for Personal Trainers

Workout of the Week – These videos are perfect for sharing your latest exercise routines. Train with a partner and ask them to record your technique along with short messages between sets to touch on the key points. Rob Riches does this very well. He has over 17 million YouTube views on his channel!

Recipe of the Week – Record a video while preparing a meal in the kitchen. Talk people through the recipe and explain the benefits of the food you are preparing. You could do videos on perfect meals for fat burning, muscle gain, post workout, recovery, etc. You could also provide a link to the recipe directing them back to your website or Facebook page

Client Testimonials – Testimonials are a fantastic strategy to showcase the results that you can produce for your clients. Record a quick 30 second video after your client has achieved some fantastic assessment results. They will be pumped and excited with loads of energy for the camera! You could also record testimonials after a great group training session, bootcamp, etc where you have lots of people together at once

Supplements – Most people have no idea what to do when it comes to effective supplementation. There are so many products on the market and the majority of them are rubbish! Recording a video on supplementation will educate your fans while also showing them that you are switched on and up to date with the latest information.

Sharing Videos – Don’t feel like you need to create all of the videos yourself. Sharing other people’s videos is also a great strategy as you will generate likes, comments and shares on your Facebook page while also adding valuable content. Search for videos on YouTube such as Inspirational Videos, Motivational Videos, Fat Burning, Muscle Gain, etc. Simply copy the video link and paste in your status update on Facebook

You may be scared in front of camera initially but you will soon get more comfortable with more practice! The key is to simply be yourself, show some personality, don’t be afraid to make some mistakes and have lots of fun! You never know, your videos may start to go viral like Rob Riches and you could make a fortune from YouTube alone!

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