Weekly Fitness Biz Tip Number 19 – Instagram is now the biggest Social Media App in the World…

Yes you read correctly… Instagram is now the biggest Social Media App in the World (for people between 18 and 34).

Two years ago I met a guy at a digital marketing conference in my home city of Melbourne, Australia. He was one of the key note speakers; and he mentioned after his presentation that he believed that Instagram would be bigger than Facebook (its older sister) within 5 years.

I laughed!!! Nothing is bigger than Facebook…well maybe Apple and Amazon.

I think he may have nailed it. Instagram needs to be taken a lot more serious now for fitness business owners. With 1 Billion active users Instagram has become a juggernaut.

Your job when using Instagram as a marketing tool is to create a collection of visual (consistent) content that represents your brand, attracts the right people who could potentially buy from you.

There are 4 ways to share content on Instagram.

#1: This is the more traditional way consumers think of Instagram. You post a static image or video and then it shows up in the newsfeed of your followers; and it remains on your profile where consumers can see it at any time.

#2: Instagram Stories is arguably the BIGGEST free marketing opportunity right now with small business. Photos or videos you share in your Insta stories disappear after 24 hours making people more comfortable sharing content without perfect photography and editing. The key is they MUST be consistent, e.g. daily or every second day.

#3: Instagram Live. Like Facebook Live Streaming there’s no better way to create instant likeability and trust with consumers than to speak to them directly. Instagram Live gives you that opportunity. They also get good organic reach.

#4: The newest content area on Instagram is focus on longer form video. IGTV allows you to share video up to 10 minutes long that feels really-mobile friendly for you as the creator and for the viewer. This is great for showing group or team training.

Finally, I want to add not only is it time to start using Instagram consistently, it is also time to start spending some money on it to reach more people.

Although Instagram gives you more organic reach than Facebook (just for now) you can dramatically increase that reach by adding a daily spend.

Use Instagram poorly in 2019 at you own peril!!

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