Weekly Fitness Biz Tip Number 23 – Test and Measure Your Social Marketing at all Times…

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This week’s Biz Tip is short and sharp.

If you haven’t already noticed $10 per day on Facebook doesn’t get you the same reach it did 12 months ago. You would need to spend upwards of $14+ to get the same reach you did 12 or 18 months ago (give or take)!

Be smarter with your social spending. I would be testing all my sales based ads and boosting.

Test the following:

– Still image vs video.

– Long ad copy vs short ad copy (both for boosting and Facebook ads)

– Image with a male vs image with a female.

– Boosting vs Facebook ads.

– Different landing pages, e.g. buy now buttons vs opt-ins.

– Short video vs long video.

This is the absolute minimum testing I would do on social media if I still had my bricks and mortar gyms in Australia.

Facebook can be a massive money pit….trust me we have wasted a heap of money on it over the last 8 years. Learn to be smarter and test and measure the various elements noted above.

And remember…the only real metric that counts with social media marketing is opt-ins and or online purchases. How you get there is dependent on dozens of factors and strategies.

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