Weekly Fitness Biz Tip Number 24 – Member Retention is the New Sales System…

Most health club operators still focus on getting new members in the door, almost combating monthly attrition with a ‘more sales’ mindset.

This may have worked in the early 2000’s but those days are long gone.

Member retention is sooooo much more than a friendly smile and calling the members by their first name (although this is important). Retention needs to be looked upon as a true system that can be measured.

To truly impact retention in your health club: make a commitment to instituting retention initiatives in all four areas of the Retention Quadrant™. This is made up of:

1. Member Induction
2. Member Experience
3. Member Programming
4. Member Usage

Mastering all four of these in your business will put you miles ahead of your competition.

Like a dinner party, improving retention is much more than doing one thing right but doing many things right.

The big difference is that with retention it’s not a ‘once and done’ event but rather you need to orchestrate many things and make sure they’re done on an ongoing basis.

The saying, ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,’ is a very important principle for ensuring solid member retention.

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