Weekly Fitness Tip – August 17th

Hi there,

We’re constantly hearing that leads and prospects have dried up from club operators and personal trainers.  That certainly may be the case in a shrinking market.

What we really think it going on is the following…

FACT: Marketing in the fitness industry has changed enormously in the last 12-months and will continue to change.

FUTURE PREDICTION: Apart from referrals most (90%) of all your future clients and members will come from either
Social Media or Online Marketing within the next 18 months.

FACT: Most club operators and fitness personal trainers will be completely left behind, still running with old school
marketing strategies in a new age (digital) world. Old school doesn’t really work anymore.

Let’s focus on Social first. The #1 key element with any Social Media platform is you need a system or mechanism
to “capture leads.”

Click below to watch a short video explaining one of the best lead capture systems we have seen for the fitness
industry (it just so happens that we created it because we understand where marketing is heading.)

Build Your Prospect List Faster

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