Weekly Fitness Tip – September 20th

Most health club operators still focus on getting new members in the door, almost combating attrition with a ‘more sales mindset.’

This may have worked 10 years ago in a less competitive market but it won’t work now!!

In fact club operators globally need what I refer to as a geographic wake-up call!

Let me explain this further…

Your health club or studio has a certain geographic area in which it pulls from to attract new prospects and ultimately new members and clients.

Unless there are new large corporate companies moving into the local area or new residential housing; that pool of potential prospects will eventually dry up. This is expedited when more competition moves into the area. I am sure some of our readers know this already!

If you don’t retain more clients or members by putting in place strategic retention systems then the natural process of your fitness business will be a decline in overall numbers, or at best no real growth!! These systems MUST start the second someone enters your physical facility.

The key is to focus “both” on lead acquisition strategies and member retention initiatives. You cannot have a successful, sustainable fitness business by just focusing on the former.

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That’s all for now,

Frank and Brad
Directors – Marketing For Gyms and Personal Trainers & More Members

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