Weekly Marketing Tip – July 12th

This week’s Fitness Business Tip is around Operating at a Higher Level.

I am going to cut straight to the chase in this week’s Business Tip!!

I coach and mentor (Frank here) over 120 club managers and owners every month, and every single one of my clients that “chooses” to operate at a much higher level than their competitors usually wins.

They typically have a higher quarterly membership growth rate and generally run a slicker fitness business.

So, if this sounds like you just STOP IT!! No one said it was going to be easy owning and running your own fitness business…that is unless you have been fed bullshit from your Franchisor…this happens a lot.

STOP creating your own average marketing artwork on Social Media. The money you save doesn’t warrant the poor impression you make. Facebook is the front door to your business!

STOP executing your marketing strategies poorly. The best marketing hooks in the world won’t work if your execution of the strategy is poor!

STOP thinking it will just happen. The harder and smarter you work on a consistent basis the more traction you will get….it’s the law of the Universe!

STOP making up excuses as to why it won’t work…or any other BS excuse. Role your sleeves up…hard work never hurt anyone my father used to say!

STOP thinking that an average attempt at Social Media marketing and posting is good enough. Either master it or delegate it to someone who is much better than you!

Finally, STOP doing everything yourself. The reason why I have had successful companies over the last 25 years is I work with my strengths and I delegate my weaknesses. Know your limitations and get help!!

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That’s all for now,

Frank and Brad

Directors – Marketing For Gyms and Personal Trainers & More Members

P.S. Be measured in the way you promote and market your business. Key words are be consistent and optimize at all levels.

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