Weekly Marketing Tip – July 19th

This week’s Fitness Business Tip is around Sales Conversion Optimization.

I am going to cut straight to the chase in this week’s Business Tip…yet again!!

I would say 50% of fitness clubs/studios in the world (including PT’s) don’t really have a huge issue with local leads. I think the real issue is a lack of sales conversion from the leads.

In Australia the average conversion rate from prospect to paying member is around 45-50%. In the US it is around 35-40%. Do I really need to say anything else!?

For the sake of this email, a prospect is someone that has come into your club or studio to be toured or has done at least one free session.

SOLUTION: Spend time, energy, effort and funds on up-skilling your staff to be able to sell your specific service better. If you are not converting at 60%+ then you need sales assistance.

I would close my doors if I had 7-8 people walking out for every 10 people that have walked into my club or studio…or perhaps sack all my staff!!

It is simple Math: If you can increase your monthly sales conversion by as little 10%…it means that you will have dozens and dozens of extra members at the end of the year, AND wait for it….those members would not have cost you 1 cent in marketing.

Often club and studio owners (including PT’s) look at why their marketing didn’t work. Perhaps it’s time to look at why your follow up systems, your sales processes and your conversion tools aren’t working.

Sales conversions are one of the biggest issues in the global fitness market along with member retention….don’t get me started on that one!!!

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Frank and Brad

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