Weekly Marketing Tip – July 27th

This week’s Fitness Business Tip is around Getting With The Times.

I spoke to a club owner in the US this week (had 2 clubs) and we went through both their Facebook and Instagram Pages.

WOW!!! I couldn’t believe what I saw. Their last Instagram post was April 2016 and their Facebook page had 1 video uploaded over the last 9 months. The rest of the page was mostly filled with BS posts; old quotes, recipe images blah blah!!
Fitness marketing is really turned into Digital/Social Marketing. Of course there is still room for corporate and relationship marketing (often called outbound or outreach marketing).

Digital Marketing 101

Have a professionally branded landing page with a great offer and draw traffic to it with Facebook ads (or boosted posts). You can also draw traffic to that page via your prospect email list. It’s not that complicated!! Mix your offers up and keep track of your numbers, e.g. leads.

Social Media Marketing 101

Post great quality content on Facebook and Instagram (both written and also your images and videos). The key here is consistency. Boost your posts because you get virtually no organic reach these days.

Follow: organic jab (post)…organic jab….organic jab….then an organic jab with a soft sell, e.g. a free trial or a small paid trial, e.g. $28 for 28-Days. Throw in your occasional right hook (sales based post) and boost it.

People follow people on Social Media so don’t post rubbish because then your end result will be rubbish.

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