Weekly Marketing Tip – November 16th

I often get asked… “What is the quickest way to grow a fitness business?”

There are many ways; today I will focus on Facebook. Most…and I really mean most fitness operators are still using Facebook like it is 2014/15. I call this Facebook 1.0.

Posting non engaging content, generic random content and just stuff!!

Facebook 2.0 is really about live video. Live video gets you 6 times more “organic reach” than a still image…think about that for a moment…6 times more without having to spend 1 cent on boosting or ads.

Every fitness business in the world should have a front of house; this is the person that is the face of your business, e.g. your club or studio manager or your head trainer for example.

If you want to grow your business faster using Social Media, then this person should be doing 3 live videos every single week from your studio or club. This means in time they will become a micro celebrity representing your brand.

I have said this for over 2 decades….become a micro celebrity in your local community to grow your club or studio faster. This has now extended to Social Media.

I have a client in Western Australia who has built her entire fitness business off the back of live videos on Facebook. She is a true micro celebrity on that platform. Engaging, informative, and fun live videos.

The by-product… more post engagement, more shares, more brand awareness and ultimately leads, as she promotes her 7 day free trial with many of the live videos.

You have a choice: remain stuck in Facebook 1.0 where nothing positive really happens, OR get out of your comfort zone start growing your business faster with Facebook 2.0

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Frank and Brad
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