Weekly Marketing Tip – October 25th

I met a studio owner last week in my home city of Melbourne. They had been open for 19 months and have 95 paying members.

This is a well-known brand in Australia. I immediately looked at their social pages and asked a simple question… how much marketing activity do you implement at your studio?

The response was very direct…not much!!

Strategic marketing or better still, “optimized marketing activity” typically reflects the growth of your business. It actually directly mirrors your lead generation. Without proper marketing you won’t have any leads to convert into members and clients.

I believe the quickest way to grow any fitness business, anywhere in the world is to have marketing activity in each of the 3-Key Marketing Pillars.

1. Internal Marketing (anything that is being promoted to your members).
2. External Marketing (anything that is external to your business that doesn’t include digital, e.g. corporate and cross promotional marketing).
3. Digital and Social Marketing (self-explanatory).
Unfortunately in 2018 personal trainers, owners and managers are seduced into thinking that only 1 real marketing pillar exists….yes you guessed it #3!!

I agree that Digital and Social Marketing is the eco system of fitness marketing now. but…and it is a big BUT, there is still plenty of room to engage and put some resources into the forgotten Marketing Pillar, #2!

I would be putting 15-20% of all my marketing efforts into external based “strategic marketing.” The key word is strategic….oh and consistent!!

This type of marketing has its roots firmly embedded in the local community.

Answer the question…who is the face of your business?

Then build the resources to turn this person into a community micro celebrity…perhaps you might even see some new lead volume coming in without having to create a Facebook boosted post or an Instagram ad!!

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That’s all for now,

Frank and Brad
Directors – Marketing For Gyms and Personal Trainers & More Members

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