Weekly Marketing Tip – October 11th

Last week I did a free Skype consultation with a US based health club manager. I almost fell off my chair when they shared with me the marketing strategies they were using. For example: flyer distributions, local radio and local newspaper advertising.

Oh, and putting up posters in local retail stores. ZERO marketing on Instagram because they didn’t have an account and they had a total of 21 posts on Facebook… for the whole year!!!

I forgot to mention this club had gone from about 800 members in 2015 to 438 members in 2018…that is almost a 50% loss!!!

There is a little thing called Social Media Marketing and another little thing called Digital Marketing. These little things allow us to build a prospect list (so we can keep marketing to) and also allow us to track where leads are coming from.

Most of these 2 marketing channels can be completed automated, similar to walking around the streets putting up posters in local retailers…NOT!!!

Digital and Social Marketing 101.

Step 1. Create a kick-ass landing page with a compelling offer.

Step 2. Create a boosted post image aligned with the offer.

Step 3. Create great quality copy that you can use with your image on Facebook and Instagram.

Step 4. Boost this combination or run an ad on either social platform (or both).

Step 5. Test and measure the result (basically your ROI)

Click on these links to view sample landing pages….it all starts with Step 1.



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