Weekly Marketing Tip – October 4th

Last week I wrote about having a geographic wake-up call; in that club and studio operators must focus on both lead acquisition strategies and member retention initiatives to have a successful and sustainable fitness business for the future.

Today I am going to go back to lead acquisition. To optimize any marketing campaign or promotion you must follow what I have called the Campaign Quadrant System.

This is broken up into 4 specific areas.

1. Marketing Assets
2. Written Copy
3. Execution Plans
4. Accountability and Implementation

Firstly, Marketing Assets.

This includes all your images and videos for example if you’re promoting your offer on Social Media; which of course you would be. Also includes your Facebook timeline banner artwork and also any countdown timers (images) for the latter part of your promotion, e.g. 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 (last day to get in).

Next I have Written Copy.

This is all the written copy that is aligned with your Social Media posts, emails, SMS marketing and any other writing pieces, e.g. local paper or newsletter.

Both your Marketing Assets and Written Copy should be outsourced to professionals if this is not your strong point. For those reading this biz tip you would know I am not a fan of owners and operators doing their own artwork. It’s not worth the savings. Surround yourself with a professional team…so that you look professional!

Next I have Execution Plans:

This is typically made up of 3:

1. Social Media Execution Plan
2. Prospect and Ex Member Execution Plan
3. Active Member Execution Plan

It involves all the dates and media that’s to be used for your specific campaign/offer. This also includes your budget, e.g. spend on Facebook and Instagram for the month.

The glue that brings it all together is the last step, Accountability and Implementation:

Simply, who is accountable to what and who is implementing the execution plan. There should be no grey areas, so there is no finger pointing.

The more you follow the Campaign Quadrant System, the better you will get at it. This means more traction on all your future promotional campaigns.

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That’s all for now,

Frank and Brad
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