Weekly Marketing Tip – September 27th

Last week I wrote about having a geographic wake-up call; in that club and studio operators must focus on both lead acquisition strategies and member retention initiatives to have a successful and sustainable fitness business for the future.

Today I am going to dig a little deeper. The essence of member or client retention lies in what I call “The Retention Quadrant.”

This is broken up into 4 specific areas of retention:

1. Member Induction
2. Members Experience
3. Member Programming
4. Member Usage

Like a successful dinner party, improving retention is much more than doing one thing right but doing many things right. The big difference is that with retention it’s not a ‘once and done’ event but rather you need to orchestrate many things and make sure they’re done on an ongoing basis.

The key is to OPTIMIZE your member induction process to ensure the new member is 100% confortable with their choice of gym or studio.

OPTIMIZE your member experience whenever and wherever possible (this is all about executing the small things).

OPTIMIZE your member programming to ensure members’ know what they are doing and why they are doing it.

And finally, OPTIMIZE member usage. If they don’t use your facility on a consistent basis, they will stop seeing the value and the expense is then perceived to be a liability.

Focus on The Retention Quadrant and keep optimizing all things that full under each of the 4 key retention areas.

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Frank and Brad
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