Weekly Marketing Tip – June 27th

This week’s Fitness Business Tip is around More Marketing Activity!

This is a BIG PROBLEM I see in the fitness industry in 2018.

Most club/studio owners, managers and personal trainers (I really mean most) don’t take enough action to build their fitness business into a more profitable business.

They often procrastinate and they’re slow to react and execute with all things marketing.

I believe that every studio and health club in the world should be engaging in a balanced and consistent approach to marketing and lead generation.

I mentioned balance because spending 100% of your marketing budget and energy on Facebook and Instagram is not balanced. Granted 60-70% should be spend on Social Media, but let’s not disregard internal marketing (referral initiatives) and external marketing, what I now call Local Relationship Marketing!

In 2018 some of my clients have gone back to a more conventional way of marketing their club or studio.

More corporate marketing. More cross promotional marketing. More local sporting club marketing.

I believe to consistently grow a fitness business in 2018 you need marketing activity in each Marketing Pillar, e.g. External Marketing, Internal Marketing and of course Digital/Social Marketing. The marketing activity has to be constant…always there working to generate leads for your business.

Typically, smarter more optimised and consistent marketing activity means more lead traction for your business. At the end of the day if you have little leads, you’ll have little business growth!!

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That’s all for now,

Frank and Brad

P.S. Be measured in the way you promote and market your business. Key words are be consistent and optimize at all levels. Here is the link again: 20-Minute Free Information Call https://www.marketingforgyms.com/bizcall

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