Welcome Landing Page for Facebook is Essential!

When visitors arrive on your Facebook Page do they land on the ‘Wall’ tab or do they land on a custom Welcome Page? The difference between the two is worlds apart!

When visitors land on the wall tab they often see a range of spammy wall posts from other people. The first impression is terrible and they will rarely stay on the page for more than a few seconds.


Compare this to landing on a custom Welcome Page with your company’s logo, graphics, a welcome video and an optin form offering something of value. The visitor receives a great first impression, watches your welcome video and then enters name and email to receive something of value (free gym pass, PT session, ebook, etc).

This strategy alone will have a dramatic impact on your Facebook Marketing results. Instead of looking like an amateur, you are perceived as a professional. If your Facebook page is ordinary then people will assume that your gym is ordinary as well!

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