Weekly Fitness Biz Tip Number 26 – What Are You Really Selling!!

This week’s Fitness Business Tip is around What Are You Really Selling!!

So, what is it that you are really selling; because I have news for you…you aint selling gym or studio memberships!!

Victoria’s Secret sells underwear, but salespeople know that what people are really buying is the idea of sexy romance.

Harley Davidson sells motorcycles, but people are really buying association with an independent and rebellious spirit.

Volvo sells family safety.

List five words you’d like associated with your brand. These key word are much closer to what you are selling than memberships.
Branding ‘pre-sells’ the product or service to the user. Branding is simply a more efficient way to sell things. The old expression ‘nothing happens until somebody sells something’ is being replaced by today’s slogan: ‘nothing happens until somebody brands something.

Clearly understand your Brand Promise. Then use it in most if not all your marketing, both online and offline marketing.

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